Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let Me Hook You Up With Wonderful Pics!!

Let me hook you  up!!!! (Click,Click,Click)

Photography has long been a passion of mine since high school,which in my case means the days of film. In high school I shot with  35mm Kalimar,nothing fancy but I got amazing shots. Honestly,I kind of miss all the fun and things you can do in darkrooms with developer and such.

I have what some call a "good eye" meaning when  shooting, I shoot many different angles and settings.

Event photography has become one of my favorites.

Hair events,open air concerts,family reunions,birthday parties,baptisms,wedding events, etc.

I partner with the best in videography to give you all that you desire to capture the special moments of your event.

Personal shoots will be in-studio,on location or even your home if you like. The choice is yours,whatever makes you the most comfortable and at ease.

Anyway you look at it my pics will not look like anyone else's because my eyes are mine and only I can see thru them from my perspective.

I'll incorporate what you want in a pic with what I see,shoot both and you chose what you like.

We'll then place your choices on a disc with the photo pakage of your choice.

No event is too small or too big for "The Hookup!"